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1808 is the number of a long tradition which continues today and projects into the future. The first evidence of Giuseppe' Molinari's involvement in the food and coffee industry dates back to the 1800s.


Since then, the knowledge and art of coffee and the experience and globalisation has brought into being in 2008 - the concept of Caffe1808; an international chain of coffee bars where coffee and great food is celebrated.  More than 200 years of passion for coffee is seen right into the details of our furnishings, menus, and our wonderful staff.  


We are the first 1808 Caffe in New Zealand and we are excited for you to join us on our journey.

Some background

In the 1800's Giusepppe Molinari  first broke into the Food and Beverage industry with the rise of his company taking his full name, "Giuseppe Molinari." 


1911 was the year that the Molinari family opened their first coffee house, Bar Molinari in the heart of Modena, Italy, following the openings of other 'first coffee houses' across  the nation. The coffee house was successful and used as a meeting place for citizens, artists and intellectuals.  


In 1944, Guiseppe and his children began roasting in the city's centre, Rismondo. As the company grew, its headquarter's moved to Via Fanti where the structure also changed and therefore became known as 'Caffe Molinari  SpA'. It was here that they began investing in research  and new packaging technology, striving for the excellence in quality which allows the famous 'Clinque Stelle' coffee to be now appreciated worldwide.

If you love our coffee, you can also take it home - see our staff on site for more information, or go to our online retail store to purchase.

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