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Caffe Molinari Qualita Rosso Beans

At 1808, we use Caffe' Molinari's traditional and rather stunning, Rosso blend.


This wonderful blend is the result of a careful selection of Arabica and Robusta beans. Rosso offers those who like a stronger tasteing coffee offering an unmistakeable aroma and darker crema.

​Such passion, care, dedication and high quality goes into every Caffe Molinari product. Caffe Molinari is synonymous with quality, excellence, technology, history and passion linked to the world of coffee. Caffe Molinari's blend selection methods guarantee their product's consistent quality and it's manufacturing and packaging technology guarantees you the freshest coffee from the field right through to your cup.

Caffe Moliari

Caffe 1808 by Caffe Molinari is supported by The Crowded House Coffee Comapny. If you are as obsessed with our fine Italian flavour as we are, then good news! You can purchase it for yourself! The Crowded House Coffee Company offer you a variety of Caffe Molinari products for home and commercial use. 


We are situated next door to 1808, so please feel free to pop over and see us or you can contact us via our details below. The staff are very friendly and will be more than happy to assist you with your coffee needs.

Love our coffee that much? - No problem, you have have it at home too!


23 Islington Avenue, Waterloo Business Park, Christchurch

03 3 348 5089